The Benefits Of Dental Bone Grafting For Implants And Restorative Dentistry

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In the 100-year history of bone replacement in the human body for different purposes, a wide variety of surgical approaches and materials have been used. When dental bone grafting was still a somewhat complex surgical procedure, it required live donor bone or bone marrow, usually harvested from healthy bone in another part of the patient’s body, in order to be successful. The success rates back then were unpredictable, essentially due to increased risks of infection.

Now in 2018, dental bone grafting in Juno Beach, Palm Beach County, Florida and implant placement are dramatically safer and more effective than ever before. Advances in synthetic bone materials have almost removed the infection risks that were the biggest issue when working with live donor bone.

The bone grafting process is much easier on the patient now and requires less surgical time and greatly reduced post-operative pain. The addition of bioactive proteins added in the last few years to the synthetic bone materials has improved grafting even more by accelerating the process of healing the wound. The resulting enhancement of both bone and gum regeneration around tooth roots, and therefore around the implants, is no longer the complex process it once was, making the healing process faster and less stressful for dental patients.

Bone grafting in Juno Beach for dental implants now offers patients the opportunity to safeguard the shape and strength of the bony ridge long after the tooth is no longer there. This is important not only for the health and strength of the teeth surrounding the extraction site, but also for the possibility of implant and bridges placed in the future.

The bony ridges of our jaws get their shape from actively holding the roots of our teeth in place. When a tooth root has been removed and not replaced with an implant or a bone graft, the ridge begins to gradually decrease in volume. It will resorb and reshape itself. Without that root tip, implant, or another section of bone to hold onto, the ridge will shrink in both height and width over time.

Over a period of years, the result is frequently a section of bone that is fragile, narrow, and short. Naturally this makes implant placement much more complicated in those areas. Sometimes it becomes impossible.

Also, please note that even traditional dentures and partials fit better when the bony ridge is thick and strong. Modern day dentures and partials now have the option to be anchored with implants as well, in order to avoid the slipping, clacking, and messy adhesive solutions that were so commonplace for our parents’ or grandparents’ generations.

Bridges placed over extraction sites can also be visually compromised by bone resorption if the bone shrinks away enough from the suspended false tooth. A gap will become evident in such cases. Overall, thin and fragile bony ridges make all tooth replacement options more difficult and less successful.

Yes, a bone graft following an extraction may increase the cost of the procedure initially, but the cost of not replacing that bone over a period of years may result in far more discomfort and cost than the initial savings warrants.

At the office of Dr. Patrick C. Smith, our goal is to offer you as much information as you require about the potential long-term effects of all the treatment options available to you. We meet with you in consultation to help you make the decision that best supports your dental health goals.

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