Dr. Smith's Staff

Business Office Staff

Arlene, our receptionist and office manager joined Dr. Smith in 1992. Her goal is to serve our patients with the upmost service and respect. Her extensive experience in the Insurance industry in Connecticut, especially working as a Dental Benefit Claims Specialist for a Major Insurance Company translates into superior assistance for our patient’s submission of Insurance claims.

Dental Assistants

Robin received her CDA in 1993 at the University of Florida, She joined Dr. Smith in 1997. Yomara received her CDA in 1998 at Nova Southeast University Dental College, joining Dr. Smith in 2006.

Robin and Yomara are cross trained in all phases of running a dental office, one of them will be with you throughout your dental appointments. They are an integral part of your dental care. What you will appreciate is how well they work with you, ensuring your care is understood, coordinated, and customized for you.


Linda received her RDH in 1977 at Northwestern University Dental School, and joined Dr. Smith in 1991. Theresa received her Hygiene Degree at Miami Dade in 1987 and joined Dr. Smith in 2010.

The dental hygienists’ primary role as health care providers is to help you attain and maintain your long term periodontal (gum) health. Understanding dental disease is the first step in becoming and sustaining good oral and overall health. Linda and Theresa will work with you to find the most beneficial daily routine for cleaning your teeth efficiently for maximum health and comfort. They will review why certain habits can help you stay healthy, and others cause problems that are easily avoidable. They will do all this while providing you with the most through, comfortable dental cleaning you have probably ever experienced.